Third Party Administrators

For TPAs of drug and alcohol testing services, there is simply not a more flexible and powerful off–the–shelf software solution than Assistant Pro. Whether you’re a start–up TPA looking to get started on the right foot, or a seasoned TPA looking for advanced technology to help your office become more efficient and powerful, Assistant Pro can handle your needs.

For start–up TPAs, choosing the right software early on will make a big impact on your organization in the long run. Throughout the years, we´ve seen TPAs that are simply looking for a random selection program outgrow their software in a short amount if time. Drug and alcohol testing and employee screening services are becoming merged together. Why not start with a program that can do both rather than try to merge two incompatible systems later? Get your demo today and find out why so many DATIA board members have chosen our software to help run their businesses.

For seasoned TPAs, if you´re here looking at CIS solutions, we know that your current system is lacking something you need. We recommend scheduling a "live" demo session so you can see first hand how far Assistant Pro can take you. Before you do so, answer the following questions:

  • Can your current systems efficiently manage hundreds of pool groups for all DOT regulated industries? For consortiums? Using weighted selection methods?
  • Can your clients view their drug test results on the web? View random selection lists? Update their pool group rosters?
  • Can your clients order background checks and see drug test results from one single log–in?
  • Do your systems allow you to perform back–office operations for other service providers?
  • Can you auto–report hundreds of test results to clients via a mix of email, fax and/or web with the click of a button?
  • Can your system track billing differently by type of test? DOT vs. non–DOT? By the panel used?
  • Does your current program work off proven and stable technologies such as SQL 2005?
  • Is your current software provider willing to work with you to build custom features?

Let us focus on the technology while you focus on service and sales.