CIS has been developing technology solutions for the drug and alcohol testing industry for over 15 years and although drug testing in today´s schools is a relative new occurrence, our existing applications are ideally suited to help schools efficiently and effectively manage their drug–free programs.

Our Assistant software program can help you:

  • Manage multiple random pool groups
  • Import student names from spreadsheets
  • Record final test results
  • Print official drug test result letters
  • Print test notification letters
  • Print statistical reports
  • Import test results from participating laboratories and/or Medical Review Officers (MROs)

Our Aware Training program can help you:

  • Provide the DOT mandated 2–hour drug and alcohol awareness training via a simple internet browser based program
  • Automatically track and store training records

We recommend scheduling a live demo session so you can see first hand how Assistant can help your organization.

To speak directly with a CIS consultant please call 800-647-9070.