Pre–Employment Agency

These days, pre–employment agencies are providing more services for their clients than ever. In fact, many pre–employment agencies are now offering full–service drug program management in addition to their background check screening, applicant tracking and talent management services. While this is great, any TPA (Third Party Administrator) for drug testing services will attest that you must have a good software program to properly manage drug testing programs. Particularly when dealing with the DOT, DOE or other regulated programs.

This is where CIS can help. For over 15 years, CIS has worked with hundreds of employers and TPAs to develop a software program that properly handles random testing programs and helps process drug test result data in an efficient manner.

There is no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars developing your own in–house drug program management software. Assistant Pro, in conjunction with other associated CIS products and services, can help you effectively:

  • Import employee rosters for random selections
  • Create DOT and non-DOT random pool groups
  • Record drug test results for all types of testing (i.e. instant, drug & alcohol tests) and all reasons (i.e. pre–employment, post–accident, reasonable suspicion, etc.)
  • Import drug test results from eVeriTesT–connected laboratories
  • Report drug test results via automated email, fax and/or web
  • Provide advanced client web services such as result reporting or viewing random pool group information
  • Produce statistical reports including the DOT–required MIS reports
  • Track and bill for drug and alcohol test related activity
  • Provide web–based background check screening services
  • And more...

CIS offers a number of technology solutions for pre–employment agencies. To find out more about how CIS can help your organization, please contact a CIS sales consultant today at 800-647-9070 or email us at