Medical Review Officer

CIS offers a number of technology based solutions to help with your medical review process. For today´s MRO, efficient turn around times and accuracy of reporting results are of the highest importance. CIS systems provide the tools to help you achieve these goals... and more. Our systems can help you achieve the following:

  • Import drug test results from nearly any SAMHSA certified laboratory. This all but eliminates manual data entry processes related to updating your Assistant or Assistant Pro software.
  • Automatically separates negative test results that just need COC matching from non–negative test results that need donor contact. This allows your MRO assistant to quickly process negative test results and provides the MRO with a list of results requiring medical review in a "to–do" type work list.
  • Interview / Call tracker.
  • Quick links to donor or company contact information.
  • View collector notes and detailed lab data.
  • Digital signature stamp for negative result letters.
  • Automate result reporting by utilizing company reporting profiles. Simply set up a reporting profile for any company and utilize our system to automatically report results out via email, fax and/or web.
  • Simplify billing by creating billing profiles and generating invoices or a QuickBooks–compatible export file.
  • Manage general Drug Free Workplace, DOT and other federally regulated random drug and alcohol testing programs.
  • Track all types of testing activity for your clients including pre–employment, post accident, random, reasonable suspicion testing and more.
  • Digitally scan CCF images into Assistant or Assistant Pro and attach the image to a specific drug test result.

We recommend scheduling a live demo session so you can see first hand how Assistant Pro can help your organization.

To speak directly with a CIS consultant please call 800-647-9070.