Laboratory Solution Set

Traditionally, only the largest of drug testing laboratories have had the ability to invest in advanced technology solutions for their clients. This is because the development, testing and maintenance of the necessary technology solutions has been an expensive proposition for laboratories for which drug testing may be only a small part of their business. This is especially true for laboratories with limited IT resources.

CIS is happy to announce that this old model no longer applies. The barrier has now been removed as the advanced systems laboratories have previously had to custom build are now available in an "off-the-shelf" package. "Off-the-shelf" means that our existing software and web applications can be stitched in with current laboratory systems which can provide all the tools necessary for a laboratory to provide:

  • Drug test results online with advanced reporting profiling
  • CCF images online with search capability
  • Electronic CCF printing (Outsourced CCF stock printing and web-based collection site CCF generation)
  • Software for drug free workplace program management (Random selections, reports, etc)
  • Background check ordering (Wholesale pricing available)

Let us work with you to design a low cost, low investment solution that will allow your organization to significantly improve your drug test related solutions.

The following PDF document summarizes the various technologies we can employ to assist laboratories in delivering robust web-based solutions to their clients.