CIS: Imaging Services


serviceYears ago, CIS set out to solve an industry problem that plagued many. Faxing forms between collection sites, MROs, laboratories and employers was hitting various obstacles costing companies time and money. CIS created a clever and effective solution which allows companies to send forms to us and we process and route information to where it needs to go!

The process has three parts and works like this:

1. Input (acquire images)

  • Clients send in images via Fax, email, file-transfer, etc.

2. Processing (reading images)

  • Using ICR – intelligent character recognition, we
    • Read barcodes, account numbers, text, etc.
    • Capture demographic information
    • Match images to results

3. Output (distribute images)

  • Images and information are routed to clients via fax, email, file-transfer or online hosting
  • Data is held in databases for on-call retrieval

If you have questions about or interest in our imaging services, please contact us today!