Application Hosting Services

CIS can now offer clients fully hosted application services. Essentially, hosted services means that CIS can host your Assistant software, your database and your aPro Web pages in our secure data center. You connect to your system through the Internet using a standard feature of Windows XP or Vista. A remote connection is established making it possible to run your applications just like any other software on your local computer.

For companies with limited access to IT resources or excessive IT constraints, you can now have CIS provide expert IT services for a low monthly fee. CIS provides all software installation, data back–up and system maintenance services.

For TPAs, MROs and other service providers who need to provide advanced web capabilities for their clients (see aPro Web Pages) but do not want to purchase expensive servers, battery back–up systems, pay for expensive IT services and purchase massive amounts of internet bandwidth, this is by far the easiest way to go. CIS can provide all IT related services for your systems including data back–up, systems upgrades and maintenance as well as enhanced technical support systems — all without you having to spend the time and money to set up you office as a make–shift data center.

The technology and services you have access to are simply astounding and will give you a leg up on nearly all of your competitors.

Services Include:

  • Available 24/7/365 with 99.9% uptime
  • Software installation and all future upgrades
  • Automated data back–up
  • Periodic system database maintenance
  • Enhanced technical support services
  • Access the equivalent of five T1 bandwidth lines
  • aPro Web page hosting

For larger organizations, CIS can also provide complete server hosting, disaster recovery and hot site services. Please contact CIS sales for more information.

Access to CIS application hosted systems requires that you have Internet access. We strongly suggest having access to an alternate method of accessing the Internet (i.e. cellular service providers) in case of local service failure.

Security at a glance:

Physical Security

  • Data center access limited to data center technicians
  • Biometric fingerprint scanning access prevention
  • 24/7 On–site staffing
  • Security camera monitoring throughout the building
  • Man traps utilized throughout building
  • Building secured by full perimeter fence
  • Visitors required to register and wear ID badges
  • Background checks performed on all employees and visitors accessing sensitive areas

System Security

  • Hardened OS system with ongoing patch maintenance
  • Dedicated firewall and VPN services to block unauthorized access
  • Data protection with managed back–up solutions
  • Independent third party audits test systems regularly
  • Additional layers of protection available
  • Full N+1 Redundancy
  • Redundant ISPs and cable entry points

Operational Security

  • Employees trained on security and privacy procedures
  • Access to confidential information restricted to authorized personnel
  • Internal audit systems employed
  • Document shredding service utilized for all hard copy documents
  • Employees trained on disaster recovery procedures