Collection Site

CIS has been providing many various solutions to collection sites, helping them not only to run their operation more smoothly, but also to expand and service their clients more completely. If you are a collection site looking to expand the services you provide to your clients, please read about the solutions we provide for Third Party Administrators.

Our primary focus for collection sites is a revolutionary new system called FormFox. This new web-based solution offers reduced paperwork, fewer errors and a standardized universal form. By implementing FormFox at your collection site, you can look forward to many benefits including

  • Ability to print chain of custody on demand
  • No more stocking forms
  • Begin collection with an employer account number
  • Ability to accept pre-order tests from employers
  • The forms and the service are free

To learn more about the long list of FormFox benefits, how they can enhance your collection site or where to sign up, visit our FormFox page or call a FormFox support specialist at (877) FRM-FOX1.