RedArrow Online


(The new cloud based employee screening solution and successor to the Assistant and Assistant Pro programs)

RedArrow Online provides cloud computing solutions for management of drug and alcohol testing programs background check screening programs

What is "cloud computing"?

If you use Facebook or Google e-mail, you're already familiar with cloud computing solutions. Put simply, cloud computing is software you access via web browser which is generally supported by off-site servers in a secure datacenter. Cloud computing allows users to focus on completing tasks and business to focus on business rather than maintaining and upgrading software and IT systems.

RedArrowOnline is ideal for:
  • Employers or service providers performing substance abuse testing or performing background check investigations
  • Medical Review Officers
  • Occupational Health Clinics
  • Employment Screening Agencies
  • Schools
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) managers
  • Compliance or Safety Organizations
  • Laboratories
  • Value Added Resellers of testing supplies
  • Federally regulated organizations (FMSCA, FTA, NRC, DOE, FRA, FAA, USCG)
Save time and money:

RedArrowOnline's cloud computing platform virtually eliminates your need for expensive IT or system administrator assistance. All you need is internet access. With traditional PC based software you waste valuable time, resources and money dealing with installation issues, networking your office, upgrading software or backing up and securing your data.

Have you ever thought what would happen to your data if your building was flooded? Broken into? Destroyed by fire? or if your server's harddrives failed or became corrupted as a result of a virus? RedArrowOnline is hosted in a carrier grade datacenter providing N+1 redundancy, 99.999% uptime, and robust electronic and physical securities. Learn more at

With RedArrowOnline:

There is absolutely nothing to install, upgrade or maintain. You can access your application from anywhere you have internet access. Your data is backed up automatically. Our datacenter provides 99.999% uptime and N+1 redundancy. Implementation times are dramatically reduced Drug & Alcohol test results are managed within one application. Workflow processes are streamlined with efficient processing tools and data integrations with various third party systems including laboratory (LMS) systems, electronic CCF applications such as, HRIS and applicant tracking systems.