productsFormFox.com is a revolutionary new system that simplifies the collection process. It works by incorporating an innovative new form with an online application that walks the user through the collection process. The universal new form which handles urine, hair, oral fluid and blood collections, combines all the usual information captured on the CCF, a donor receipt and the bar–coded specimen labels — all into a single page!

The new CCF stock is a blank 8½ x 11 sheet and is printed using a standard laser printer (once the collector has completed the form online of course). The FormFox collection wizard walks the collector through each step of the collection process and validates the information used to complete the CCF. This online process is fast, reduces collector errors and produces both an electronic and printed image of the CCF.

Once the form is printed, the collector proceeds with placing the form labels onto the bottles, acquiring the donor signature and providing the donor with the receipt–portion of the form. The remainder of the form gets packaged with the sample bottle(s), and sent to the lab. Upon arrival at the lab, the form is scanned and encrypted making the donor information safe yet accessible by those who may need it.

FormFox is also capable of communication with pre–ordering systems through either web services or through a CIS application called FormFox Order. Currently there are over 500 live FormFox collection facilities and the number of sites is growing daily!